Studio Policy

2017-2018 POLICIES
(This is in effect September 1, 2017-August 30, 2018 or until there is a withdrawal form signed)
Thank you for choosing me as your music teacher!  Teaching piano is my passion, and I enjoy it immensely.  Teaching is also my livelihood, and Spicer Music Studio is a business.  These policies have evolved over time to solve or prevent problems, to ensure fairness to both the student and the teacher, and to run a business.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
TUITION is due the last lesson of the month for the next month.  Tuition weeks are marked on the calendar.  Payment can also be made at the first lesson of the month without a late fee.  Like many other activities, the tuition you pay is based on enrollment, not your attendance.  Make payments to:  Spicer Music Studio
♫ For your convenience, there are three easy ways to pay.  Tuition can be paid by setting up a bill pay through your bank.  You can also put a check in the pencil pouch of the student's 3 ring binder.  If it is cash, please put it in an envelope with your name on it (checks do not need an envelope).
♫ Due to the time and administrative cost involved with late payments, any account issues that are not resolved on or before the first lesson of the month will incur a $20 late fee charged to your account.   (If the full tuition is not paid by the 2nd lesson of the month, that lesson and all subsequent lessons will be suspended, and still paid for, until tuition is brought current.)
CANCELING:  Any family wishing to cancel a lesson must provide at least a 48+ hour notice prior to the lesson.  Please send an email to let me know you will be missing.  If no notice of the cancellation is provided, there will be no possibility of a make-up lesson.
♫ Vacation-If you know that you will be gone for vacation, I would appreciate an advanced notice of at least a couple of weeks since vacation planning usually happens before that!  I will then be able to let other families know of your absence and the opening in the schedule for a make-up lesson.
♫ Sickness-As soon as you know, send an email or text to let me know you're not coming.
MISSED LESSON:  Any lesson canceled by the parent of a student may be rescheduled at the convenience of the instructor or as the studio schedule permits, but this is not a guarantee.  
♫ The current teaching format has more flexibility, which is a great benefit for you, as it allows for more times to reschedule a lesson if a conflict comes up; but, you must give a 48+ hour notice.
♫ Another possibility to make up a missed lesson is to try and schedule a lesson when your student is out of school for a holiday or in service, etc.  You can go to to view the current teaching schedule to see if there is an opening that will work for you. 
♫ Any lesson not rescheduled by the end of the teaching year (May 25th) will be forfeited and not reimbursed.
 WEATHER:  When schools close because of bad weather, lessons are not automatically canceled.  The studio may be open even if schools are not in session.  If you are concerned about driving, please email or text immediately and let me know.
♫ In the event of cancellation because of inclement weather, no credit or refunds will be issued for the missed lesson.  An "Inclement Weather Lesson Day” will be offered at a later date in the form of a master class, group class or individual lesson. Please call to get your name on the list for the class.
WITHDRAWAL:  Unfortunately, some students have to quit lessons mid-year.  If for any reason you must stop lessons, a one month's notice is required.  At that time, I will prorate the tuition for your final month to reflect the number of lessons that you will be scheduled.  These lessons will be paid for whether or not they are attended and payment is required when the notice is given.